12 Pm ET games

JMU at Northeastern 

Moneyline +205

JMU Spread

1PM ET Games

Delaware at UNC Wilmington

Pick: UNCW -3

Delaware lost on January 23, 2021 so you might want to take Delaware. Delaware +135

Norfolk State at Coppin State

Norfolk state lost yesterday after being favored by 2.5. They are favored again today. It’s worth taking Coppin state.

Coppin state +2.5. Coppin State moneyline +135

2pm ET Games

Albany at New Hampshire

Albany lost yesterday. I would not take Albany in this matchup.

Albany +125

Western Kentucky at Middle Tennessee State 

Western Kentucky covered this pretty easily. Middle Tennessee is not that good of a team, so I’m not sure I would take this game in a parlay.

Middle Tennessee State +450

Towson at Hofstra

Towson is only getting 5 points in this game. I would not take Towson in this matchup.

Towson +200

Lehigh at Holy Cross

Lehigh is only getting 1 point in this matchup. Lehigh won yesterday, so I wouldn’t mind taking them in this matchup for a moneyline parlay.

Lehigh +100

Stonybrook at NJIT

Stonybrook lost yesterday, but they are a decent team. I would throw them into the moneyline parlay today.

Stonybrook +125

3PM ET Games

Army at Navy

Army lost yesterday. They barely lost though, so they might be worth considering for the moneyline parlay as well.

Army +125


Valparaiso at Illinois State 

Valparaiso won yesterday, so this is a great candidate for the moneyline parlay today.

Valparaiso +100

Boston at Lafayette 

Boston won yesterday so go ahead and put them in the moneyline parlay.

Boston U +180

American at Loyola MD

American won yesterday so this is a good candidate as well.

American +160


Kansas City at Oral Roberts 

Kansas City almost won, so go ahead and put them in.

Kansas City +240

Moneylines to consider parlaying

JMU +205

Coppin State +135

Lehigh +100

Army +125

Boston U +180

American +160

Kansas City +240

Best bet moneyline parlay

Coppin State +135

Lehigh +100

Valparaiso +100

Boston U +180

American +160

Kansas City +240