The rematch of the day is Longwood at Winthrop. This is a write in game for January 15, 2021.

Winthrop is scoring 85.3 points a game while Longwood is only scoring 66.7 points a game. That would make this spread a projected 19 points a game.

All we have to do is look at yesterday’s game though. The score of that game was winthrop 72 and long wood 61. That’s a total of 133. The line for that game was 17. The total was 153.5. Winthrop did not come close to covering that spread nor the total.

The spread is similar today at 16.5 points. The total is similar too at 150 to 151 depending on the book.

I would take the under on this game because Longwood is so terrible. I wouldn’t touch the spread.

If you have to take the spread I would go with Longwood.

The 1st half line is Winthrop by 9. I would take Longwood in this case as well.

The 1st half total is 70.5. I would take the under on that line based on yesterday’s game.