The William Hill Sportsbook in Washington DC opened up in 2019. It is located in Capital One Arena. This is the same arena where the Washington Capitals play hockey.

The William Hill sportsbook in DC is open. It’s somewhat hard to find, but it is open. It isn’t the best area either as there are people dealing drugs around this location.

Capitol One Arena Sports Betting Details

The capitol one arena is located at 601 F St Nw.

The entrance for the sportsbook is on the F th street side of the Capitol One Arena. You will most likely have to wait in a line to get in since it is pretty popular right now.

william hill sportsbook dc

You will have to wait in one of two lines to get in. You will either have to go to the kiosk line or window line.

The kiosk line is for the standard william hill betting machines. These are similar to other william hill kiosks in vegas. They typically won’t let you make a bet above a certain amount.

If you are making a simple parlay bet, just use the kiosk.

If you are making a high value cash bet, you will have to go to the window. If you are cashing out a lot of money, you will also have to go to the window.

Just realize that going to the window takes longer because people make insane parlay bets that take a lot of time. There are tons of kiosks so they go much faster.


The crowd that bets here is not the best. I wouldn’t bet more than a couple hundred dollars here.

People don’t actually obey the line either. You will have multiple people cut in line in front of you. Just be ready for this. If you can, it is better to bet in the mobile app if you are in DC.